Rubbish and Waste handling

The association sorts garbage! We have:

  •  three cabinets for food waste (round doors, closest to the A entrance)
  •  six cabinets intended for household waste (round doors)
  •  two cabinets for newspaper collection (square doors)

All the cabinets are marked with signs on which type of waste should be thrown away. The brown food waste bags are stored in the bicycle cellar, one step down from the C entrance. You can also pick up new food waste bags at Solna City Hall, Hemköp in Huvudsta and ICA Nära in Järvastaden.
Collection and emptying of household waste takes place on Wednesdays and food waste on Fridays. Newspaper waste is collected every two weeks.

Keep in mind that:

  • sort correctly and throw the rubbish in the correct cabinet.
  • metal cans, glass and cardboard or paper packaging is not household waste. It should be sorted and put in the nearest Recycling Station. You can find more about Recycling Stations on Solnas webpage.
  • always close the door to the waste cabinet.
  • food waste is placed in special brown bags and disposed of in the special bins closest to the A entrance. Bags with plastic inside or made of plastic may not be used. No other waste may be thrown in these cabinets, the garbage collectors only take food waste with them. Improper waste in these cabinets must be taken care of by the association.
  • household waste must be packaged in well-tied garbage bags. Dirty diapers count as household waste.
  • newspapers must be left in the paper recycling cabinet. Pizza boxes/packaging materials do not count as newspapers.
  • electrical waste (fluorescent tubes, low-energy light bulbs, light bulbs, hand tools, toys, watches, radios, printers, computers with cord/battery) can be left in the collection containers in the basement of 6C. Larger items such as refrigerators, freezers and stoves must be taken to a recycling station.
  • hazardous waste must not be thrown in the waste cabinets, examples of this are pesticides, medicines, cosmetics, paint, glue and varnish residues, solvents and waste oil.
  • you must not leave/put anything outside the waste cabinets.
  • garbage bags must not be stored in the stairwell or outside the property before being thrown away.
  • do not store garbage bags on the balcony as this can attract both birds and pests.

Read more about waste management and recycling stations in Solna City on Solna Municipality’s website:–miljo/avfall-och-atervinning